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New high definition (HD, 2K, 4K) timelapse royalty-free stock footage video clips from Luxembourg - Luxembourg have been added in one category (City 0553-0573), including The Grund (Gronn), Saint Michael's Church, European Quarter on the hill, Vallee de la Petrusse, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Gelle Fra Statue, View from Adolphe Bridge, Adolphe Bridge connecting Boulevard Royal, in Ville Haute, to Avenue de la Liberte, in Gare, The Grund Viaduct, Neumunster Abbey, Bock Promontory Bridge, Alzette River, Clausen Viaduct, Pfaffenthal Viaduct, The Kirchberg, European Court of Justice, European Parliament, Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge (Red Bridge), BCEE Bank, The Passerelle Viaduct, Place de Clairefountaine, The Grand Ducal Palace, Palace of the Grand Dukes.


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